Userlike, based in Cologne, Germany, offers professional live chat software to help its customers raise conversion rates, promote customer loyalty, reduce churn, and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Userlike wanted to maintain its lean business model, but at the same time, recognized the importance of partnering with a reliable subscription management platform, one that could scale as it expanded globally. As a company focused on helping small businesses build long-term customer relationships, partnering with Recurly was a no-brainer for Userlike.

With Recurly, Userlike gained a global subscription billing solution that helps sustain global growth, even in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, throughout 2020, Userlike has been able to increase signups by 100%.

With Recurly’s localization features Userlike can deliver personalized customer care to subscribers anywhere in the world, and in the languages they speak. Additionally, Recurly’s pause functionality helps Userlike cut voluntary churn and gain valuable insights into customer challenges. Since allowing its business customers to pause their subscriptions, Userlike has mitigated cancellations by 20%.

With Recurly, we have a partner that works everywhere around the world and is flexible to work with.

- Pascal van Opzeeland, Marketing Director, Userlike

By investing in the right technology, Userlike has been able to stay lean and effortlessly tackle customer challenges head on, without limiting their ability to expand. Read the full Userlike customer story to learn more about how subscription management can unlock international growth.