Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! First, let's talk about flying pups. Bark, the genius behind BarkBox and a proud Recurly customer, is taking our furry friends to cloud nine with Bark Air. Over at Alaska Airlines, they’re gearing up for a vote that could revolutionize healthcare by considering subscription-based access to medical providers. DuckDuckGo is leveling up with a new subscription service. VIP shoppers are demanding transparency at the checkout, plus, we've got you covered with a list of last-minute gift-worthy subscription services.

Buckle up, because we're about to embark on a tail-wagging adventure with Bark

Picture this: a luxury airline where the passengers are all about chasing squirrels and belly rubs.  

Bark, the mastermind behind this furry-friendly venture, is a proud customer of Recurly! Bark Air takes off in May; it's rolling out the red carpet for pups and their human pals. It's like a puppy paradise. Custom doggy beds, treats for turbulence (yes, really), and even an onboard dog park! Read more on Fast Company.

The Alaska House is getting ready to vote on a bill that could revolutionize healthcare with subscription-based access to medical providers

We're talking about giving the green light to subscription-based access to medical providers. Now, this bill has already made some waves—it sailed through the Alaska Senate last year. After some back and forth, lawmakers are finally gearing up for a vote next week. Read more on Anchorage Daily News.

Duck under the radar with DuckDuckGo's latest subscription: secure VPN and identity theft protection

Get your online armor ready. DuckDuckGo just leveled up its privacy game with a brand-new subscription service. For $9.99 a month or $99 a year, you can snag their Privacy Pro plan, packed with goodies like a VPN, personal information removal, and even identity theft restoration. It's like having a guardian angel for your online life. Read more on TechCrunch.

If you're running a VIP subscription service, take note: keep it transparent, keep it simple, and keep those customers coming back for more

VIP subscribers are speaking up loud and clear. They want transparency, especially when it comes to the checkout process. A study by PYMNTS Intelligence found that VIPs are all about knowing exactly where their purchase stands from start to finish. And hey, who can blame them? But why does this checkout stuff matter so much? Turns out, it's make-or-break for keeping customers coming back. Read more on PYMNTS.

No need to stress about those last-minute gifts. These subscription services have got you covered

Just because you're hitting the gift aisle fashionably late doesn't mean you can't score some seriously awesome presents. Lori Bergamotto, the gift guru from "Good Morning America," has a list of subscription services that'll make you look like the most thoughtful gift-giver ever. And hey, with Nuuly and BarkBox both being Recurly customers, you know you're in good hands. Happy gifting, you savvy shoppers! Read more on Good Morning America.

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