This week, Google Play adds a new billing option to its apps and Apple expands on its subscription offers–this time for business. Also, Amazon tries to stay competitive by bringing in third-party DTC subscriptions, The Container Store launches a loyalty program, and another Tesla subscription enters the U.S..

Google Play announces third-party billing option

Offering more checkout options for users, Google Play announced the launch of a pilot program that allows a select group of participating developers to add a third-party billing option in their own apps. Spotify will be one of the first to test this, rolling it out in markets with Spotify Premium. Learn more on our blog.

Apple launches another subscription service

Apple has made it easier for businesses to set up Apple products for their employees with a new program called Business Essentials. Starting at $2.99 and up to $24.99 a month, system administrators can “install corporate apps, set passcode policies, track or shut down a lost phone or laptop and provide access to cloud storage.” The more expensive tiers offer Apple credits to use for repairs from Apple stores. Learn more on CNBC.

Amazon expands into third-party DTC subscription services

To compete with Walmart’s lead in grocery, Amazon is dipping its toes into third-party food and beverage subscriptions to nurture ongoing relationships with its shoppers and place itself squarely into these shoppers’ food- and beverage-purchasing routines. Read more on PYMNTS.

The Container Store introduces tiered loyalty programs

Strengthening relationships with customers is a top priority for businesses, and The Container Store is hoping to achieve this with Organized Insider, a three-tier loyalty program based on shoppers’ annual spending. Members will get benefits like receipt-free returns, exclusive discounts and access to products, and more. Learn more on Retail Dive.

A new Tesla subscription service is coming to the U.S.

Kyte, a rental car startup, is the mastermind behind this Tesla Model 3 subscription offering. For $995 a month, customers in San Francisco, New York City, and Jersey City can “buy” a Model 3 for three-month, six-month, and 12-month terms. The benefits? “Kyte takes care of ownership hassles like registration, liability insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance,” and you get the car delivered to your door with no commitments. Read more on Business Insider.