The subscription race is rapidly accelerating, fueled by more and more players entering the subscription market. In an effort to scale growth, savvy subscription model businesses are looking to expand across borders in new regions, such as EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. 

But global expansion brings with it a plethora of complex considerations, issues, and opportunities that need to be addressed before you can chart a path to success. 

So how can a subscription business—even one that has a firm handle on some of these complexities—make a recurring revenue model work while expanding its footprint globally? Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect field guide to walk you through your most burning questions, including:

  • Have you tested cross-border payments prior to thinking about local payment methods?

  • Does your current gateway support the regions you plan to expand into?

  • Are you aware of local tax laws in the countries you are considering?

  • Are you familiar with the compliance complexities that will arise from going global?  

The practical guide to preparing your subscription business for global expansion 

The Field Guide to Global Expansion for Subscription Businesses shares practical content about subscription billing and management to help you begin your global expansion journey. Think of it as your compass to keep you on the right path, from different currencies and gateways to local regulations, taxes, and even fraud. Inside, you’ll find a number of examples of companies just like you—large and small, and in various industries and stages of growth—who have successfully made the transition from local to international subscription businesses.

This field guide will help you broaden your horizons into new global markets so you can grow your business, acquire new subscribers, and increase your revenue.

It’s time to go exploring—get your copy now!