Come join Recurly as we go down under! With millions of transactions per day, BECS is a strong alternative payment method offered in Australia. Via our partnership with GoCardless, Recurly is now able to offer BECS to our merchants, enabling direct debit payments on a new continent.

What is BECS?

BECS is a direct debit payment method from Australia. Direct debit payment methods work by pulling funds directly from a consumer’s bank account, rather than routing the transaction via a credit or debit card network. 

Strong Customer Protections, Strong Customer Confidence

The BECS payment method offers strong customer protections via their scheme regulations. Subscribers know they are protected against incorrect or fraudulent use of their details. These protections serve to strengthen consumer confidence in using BECS.

Higher Authorization Rates

Since BECS pulls payment directly from a consumer’s bank account, there are no cards to lose and no expiration dates to manage. As a result, the authorization rates for direct debit payment methods are frequently higher than those of credit cards. Rates can be cheaper, too!

Reduced Complexity

Recurly has already built a direct integration with GoCardless, allowing our merchants to connect via the APIs they already use today! Once you’re a GoCardless merchant, simply update to include bank account information in your calls and start accepting BECS. 

To learn more, please visit Recurly docs as well as the GoCardless support site.