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Product Manager, Recurly


Product Manager at Recurly.

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Recurly Announces Support for BECS via GoCardless

Come join Recurly as we go down under! With millions of transactions per day, BECS is a strong alternative payment method offered in Australia. Via our partnership with GoCardless, Recurly is now able to offer BECS to our merchants, enabling direct debit payments on a new continent. What is BECS?...

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Recurly Announces Support for Bacs via GoCardless

Recurly is excited to announce support for Bacs via GoCardless. Bacs is a direct debit banking method popular in the United Kingdom. Bacs allows you to pull funds from a shopper’s bank account, skipping the credit card networks altogether. With about 90% of the UK population paying at least one bill...

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ACH Powered by GoCardless

Recurly’s fastest-growing merchants understand that global expansion is a corridor to new subscriber acquisition and revenue growth. To turbocharge that growth we are continually adding new payment options.  These payment options support merchants global expansion desires by enabling you to offer the most popular payment methods that your subscribers can...

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