We understand your top priority is to grow your subscription business. At Recurly, we make it our business to help make that a reality—continually innovating and evolving our subscription management and recurring billing platform to stay out in front. As Recurly's Vice President of Product Management, I'm excited to share more about just how we do that. Each month, we’ll reach out with a summary of new Recurly platform features and functions and how you can best leverage each of them to grow your subscription business.

Let’s get this new communication initiative kicked off with a bit of background about who we are and why we’re uniquely positioned to help your recurring revenue business recur(ly) more revenue!

We understand how you work

Subscriptions are having a moment — or should we say an eon. As far back as the 1860s, London residents could sign up for milk deliveries. Today, one can subscribe to almost anything — from streaming services to pickles-of-the-month and vintage Star Trek T-shirts. While the deliverables may range from practical to eyebrow-raising, the innovative companies behind these subscription models share one thing in common: They want to grow their customer base and their revenues. And that’s where we come in. Since we started in 2010, Recurly’s mission is to help companies build and grow their recurring revenue businesses.   

 Over the past two decades, Recurly has brought innovative products to market and then driven the continual development that keeps the products fresh and relevant to users. I joined Recurly two years ago because they share my commitment to building a product-led organization. Our teams are hard at work making Recurly the best direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription management and recurring billing platform in the business.

Differentiate, grow, and scale

Differentiate, grow, and scale are the watchwords of our product development strategy in the coming year. As we share more about our product development roadmap, you'll learn how each area of focus can help your subscription business accelerate subscriber growth and boost revenues. 

We'll dive deeper into specific functionalities in upcoming articles, but at a high level, we'll be introducing new features and functionality to help you:

  • Create unique offerings and plans to test, analyze, and optimize  conversions 

  • Protect your recurring revenue by anticipating and reducing voluntary and involuntary churn

  • Streamline and improve your operations to lower overhead and increase efficiency 

  • Explore and expand to new markets and regions to drive growth, including on mobile 

Help us help you

As we begin sharing monthly release summaries, stay tuned for the latest updates and discover how each of the new features can help you grow your subscription business.

Would you like to help direct and influence the product roadmap? Or gain VIP access to new product and feature innovations before they’re generally available? For active Recurly customers, we invite you to join our Early Access Program (EAP) to get a preview of our roadmap, access to new features and tools, and share feedback on your beta experience and new features you’d like to see added to upcoming releases.