Recurly’s Item Catalog has come a long way since we introduced it in earlier this year. Just a few months later, we made it possible to sell add-on recurring items in addition to selling items in a one-off fashion, and a few months after that, we made it possible for merchants to configure these add-ons directly on subscriptions if they didn’t want to do this configuration on individual plans. 

Today we’re announcing another exciting enhancement to Item Catalog: you can now apply coupons specifically to the items you’re selling. Item Coupons makes this possible.

How Item Coupons Enable Flexibility

Item Coupons let you drive additional revenue by offering your subscribers additional payment flexibility. With Item Coupons, you can apply a discount to either a specific item or a group of items. As the name “Item Coupons” might suggest, discounts are applied only to the item(s) being purchased, not any other charges, such as the plan fee or setup fee. 

We don’t want to limit how you choose to offer Item Coupons. You can make a discount apply to one-time charges, plan add-ons (specific plan or a group of plans), or any combination thereof.

Let’s walk through an example. Say you sell different pet care products on subscriptions, such as dog beds and chew toys, and each item is in your Item Catalog. You can now discount any one of those items (or more than one of them) however you like without affecting other charges, such as shipping.

Coupon invoice Discounts screen

Wrap Up

Since Item Coupons apply to products and services in your Item Catalog, you’ll continue to be able to report on the consumption of specific items and track the effectiveness of each item across different product offerings—a great benefit of utilizing Recurly’s Item Catalog.

To learn more about Item Coupons, please visit our Coupons docs page.