Successful subscriber acquisition means you have figured out which acquisition channels produce the most high-value subscribers for your business–an accomplishment that every recurring revenue business strives to achieve. To reach this state, a subscription brand must understand what attracts consumers to their business–is it the promotional offers? The free trial? The product or service itself? These details are crucial to painting a full subscriber acquisition roadmap, and our State of Subscriptions report predicts creating the ideal blend of acquisition tactics will foster impressive subscriber growth. 

Want to learn more about subscriber acquisition? Here’s a preview of our predictions from our State of Subscriptions report.

The ultimate value of increased acquisition is not only subscriber growth but also gaining operational efficiencies around acquisition strategies, reducing acquisition costs, and creating the foundation for long-term subscriber relationships. 

Consumers are most affected by price–71% of subscription cancellations are caused by price increases–and they are more likely to try new services if businesses offer coupons, promotions, discounts, free trials, and the like to mitigate the cost impact. The perfect blend of savings and gift options creates a robust acquisition strategy that taps into consumers’ ever-changing demands. Partner with the right subscription management and recurring billing platform so you can integrate these acquisition tactics seamlessly into your service and easily make changes as you go.

There’s more where that came from–download our full State of Subscriptions report to read more predictions for the year.