Picture this: A six-course dinner, handcrafted cocktails, a private dining room at KOL restaurant in London, insightful discussions on revenue growth within subscriptions–an evening that entices both the palate and the mind.

Well, that’s what 25 industry leaders experienced during the Dinner Discussions: Subscription tactics for revenue growth event this November.

At Recurly, in partnership with Worldpay, we’ve launched the first of our Dinner Discussions series, bringing together product and finance leaders from top-tier organisations such as Soho House, Financial Times, The Economist, The Groucho Club, American Express, Mastercard, Samsung, Orange, and more. 

Our attendees rotated between courses, facilitating open conversations and networking. The discussions focused on the main strategic components that drive subscription revenue growth:

  • Flexible payments, which lay the foundation with seamless transactions and diverse options to cater to subscriber preferences

  • Sustainable growth, which hinges on an exceptional customer experience–where personalised interactions and convenience are key to fostering loyalty

  • Retention and churn management, which amplify revenue over time and consistently deliver value and engagement

  • Tech stack optimization, which cultivates operational efficiency–from streamlined onboarding to data-driven insights that refine offerings

Together, these elements intertwine to propel subscription revenue growth, shaping a resilient and prosperous subscription business.

This invite-only event series fosters knowledge exchange and networking, allowing industry leaders to connect in a relaxed setting. As the first in a series, the Dinner Discussions at KOL set the tone for future events–emphasising meaningful dialogue and collaboration in the subscription business landscape.

Thank you to our partners and attendees for making this an exciting evening. Stay tuned to join us for the next edition! 

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