Most companies offering subscriptions on the web serve a global list of geographies. It is also very short-sighted to assume that potential customers will be willing to subscribe to your offering if it is only offered in your local currency. Can you imagine if Spotify rolled out in the U.S. by only offering its service if you paid in £(GBP) Pound Sterling?

Recurly is proud to announce the release of another Enterprise Feature, Multi-Currency Support. Recurly customer may now define their subscription plans to be offered in a variety of different currencies. You simply define the currencies to be offered, and the corresponding prices to be charged in each currency. Recurly will ensure that your payment gateway(s) support your desired currency, and you're off and running.

Euro symbol over a world map

Multi-Currency Goes Hand-In-Hand with International Language Support

Recurly also supports 12 languages, (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, English, English (U.K.), French, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish) so that your customers' experience will be defined by their browser settings and location. Recurly will present the appropriate language to your end customer so that they can not only pay in their preferred currency, but you will also speak to them in their native language.

Multi-Gateway Support and Intelligent Payment Routing

In order for companies to support multiple currencies, it is a common to require multiple payment gateways as well. Recurly supports multiple payment gateways per account, and our customers can easily configure routing rules so that transactions can be routed to the appropriate payment gateway according to the currency specified in the transaction.

See, it's all coming together nicely!

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Cheers, -The Recurly Team