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Brandon Cruz

Associate Product Manager, Recurly


Associate Product Manager at Recurly.

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The PSD2 Deadline is Approaching Fast—Here’s What You Need to Know

2020 has been quite the year, to say the least, and we can’t wait for it to finally come to a close. Before we collectively break out the bubbly, though, there’s one thing European merchants need to make sure they’ve taken care of: compliance with Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA,...

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From Lira to Ringgit: Recurly Now Supports Over 140 Currencies

The undeniable success of streaming media, direct-to-consumer goods, and other subscription businesses is far from just an American phenomenon. Today, consumers all around the world enjoy the benefits of subscription services, such as convenience, consistent billing, and low upfront costs. While the benefits of subscriptions are largely similar no matter...

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Recurly Adds Level II Card Support for Adyen Transactions

Recurly is continually reviewing and updating our payment gateways to ensure excellent transaction processing across each of our gateways. This means staying up-to-date on new gateway features to ensure Recurly supports the functionality most useful for our merchants’ businesses. Recurly has added support for level II card data when processing Adyen transactions....

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Broaden Global Expansion with Increased Currency Support from Recurly

As businesses grow, moving beyond their home locale is often one of the milestones of expansion. Global expansion often requires a considerable amount of planning including research into regions and payment methods best suited for a business’s needs as well as evaluating and choosing the right partners to help them achieve...

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Visa’s New Free-Trial Mandate: What You Need to Know

To reduce chargebacks for subscription-related charges originating from free trials and similar promotional offers, Visa has released the Free Trial Mandate to provide clearer information to consumers related to these types of charges. Specifically, Visa has mandated that merchants who offer a promotional period that rolls into a paid subscription must...

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What is Visa’s CVV2 Mandate?

In an effort to combat card not present (CNP) fraud in Canada, Visa has announced an additional card not present mandate. The mandate describes expanded requirements regarding the use of the card verification value (CVV2) for Canadian merchants processing transactions via telephone or through e-commerce environments. Specifically, these changes require the...

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