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Pipefy Attracts Subscribers with Flexible Billing Plans and Integrations


Pipefy is a cloud-based business process management platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place, allowing anyone to streamline and automate any process on their own. Founded in 2015, Pipefy became a powerful platform for Work Management, allowing teams to have more control over their operations, connecting departments, centralizing requests, and contributing to a better visualization.

The platform has grown rapidly, fueled by an intense market desire for better solutions to manage business processes and automation. Pipefy is now used in over 215 countries by leading enterprises such as Visa, IBM, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Santander, and Kraft Heinz.

Pipefy quickly realized it needed a powerful subscription billing and management system to handle all of its back-end billing operations needs. The platform needed to be able to integrate with other systems and apps they used including NetSuite and Zapier.

Pipefy chose Recurly, and as they say, the rest is history. Since partnering with Recurly in July of 2016, Pipefy has grown its subscriber base, mitigated churn with powerful dunning management, and built solid relationships with its subscribers.

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Pipefy Gains New Subscribers with Self-Service Account Creation

Pipefy realized that if it wanted to be a global company it wouldn’t be able to have a personal touch with every account and it would need to focus energy and effort on its larger accounts without making its smaller accounts feeling abandoned. 

This is a common challenge many companies face as they experience growth. Pipefy worked with Recurly to enable accounts of any size to be able to sign up  365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without needing assistance with account creation, set up, and get instant access to their billing details.

This ability saves precious resources for the company and allows Pipefy to focus energy on higher-value accounts while enabling subscribers that sign up for any of the company’s plans to self-serve and get up and running quickly without having to talk with sales or wait for account set up or access to billing details. That goes for freemium accounts all the way up to enterprise-level accounts. This capability is powered by Recurly’s Hosted Payment Pages feature.

This ability has been a huge value in fueling Pipefy’s subscriber growth, so much so that in the last three months alone, more than a third of new subscribers have come through their Hosted Payment Pages.  

Recurly has played a huge part in our growth.

Paulo Junior, Financial AnalystPipefy

Customizable Dunning Management Helps Mitigate Involuntary Churn

According to Junior, “churn is a nightmare for SaaS companies.” Recurly’s Account Updater has allowed Pipefy to create a dunning management strategy that helps it manage and mitigate involuntary churn. With Recurly, Pipefy is able to automatically send dunning emails when they want, as often as they want, and in the language of the geo where the subscriber is located. Pipefy can also provide more or less context as appropriate based on location. In some countries, recipients prefer to have more context and in others, they prefer a more straightforward approach. Pipefy is able to personalize the emails based on subscriber preferences enabling the company to get a far greater response rate to their messages. In fact, through further refinement and optimization, the company has increased its average recovery rate from 38 percent to 62 percent, and in 2020 the average is hovering above 70 percent!

Recurly’s sophisticated dunning emails enable Pipefy to use HTML to customize the emails for each subscriber as needed. Pipefy realizes that one size fits no one and that in order to build strong relationships with its subscribers the company must maintain those personalized and targeted touchpoints such as its dunning management emails. 


Recurly Helps Pipefy Nail Complex Integrations

Integrations are vital for Pipefy. Pipefy wanted to upgrade its technology stack and part of that process was implementing NetSuite and integrating it with Recurly. Junior, says, “It was a massive undertaking for Pipefy to implement NetSuite and the Recurly team was always available to help us, to jump on calls with the team, and to help make things right." The NetSuite integration with Recurly helps Pipefy automate numerous tasks which not only make the company more efficient but save the team an enormous amount of time.

The NetSuite implementation was a huge effort and the team at Recurly helped us nail it!

Paulo Junior, Financial AnalystPipefy

Pipefy also uses the Zapier integration to automate the creation of accounts. The existing trigger options they have and webhooks enable Pipefy to do amazing things, according to Junior. Pipefy is looking forward to using even more Zapier “zaps” to automate even more things to make them more efficient.


For Pipefy, Recurly isn’t just a platform. Recurly is a partner in Pipefy’s growth, efficiency, and building strong relationships with its customers.

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