Analytics for competitive advantage

Make informed decisions that optimize your business

Actionable Insights

Recurly Analytics provides a clear overview of the state of your business. Subscriber, plan and revenue data, along with KPIs and trend analysis, surface the insights you need to monitor and take action to improve your business every day.

Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard gives you a high-level snapshot of your subscriber base and churn rate, plan performance, billings and revenue—the key metrics that indicate the overall health of your business.


Know how your business is growing over time through Net Subscriber Change data, along with your Subscriber Churn Rate and LTV.

Total Subscribers Total Subscribers


Get an immediate gauge of how your most popular plans are performing via the Subscriptions chart, which displays your top five plans and growth trends over time.

Total Subscriptions Total Subscriptions


Understand key revenue metrics such as Net Billings and Average Revenue Per Customer, along with how much revenue Recurly recovered for you in the previous month.

Average Revenue per Customer Average Revenue per Customer

Reports and KPIs

Recurly Analytics includes a number of out-of-the-box reports that subscription businesses need to monitor and manage their plans, subscribers, revenue, and growth. Fine-tune your recurring revenue business using the information in these built-in reports, KPIs and graphs. Customize the date range, intervals, and currency to view the data in a way that’s most meaningful to your business.

View a complete list of reports

  • Subscriptions by Plan

    Compares the performance of your top five plans over time.

    Subscriptions by Plan
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Displays MRR data for up to 18 months.

    Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Subscriber Retention

    Provides a cohort analysis showing active and churned subscribers over time.

    Subscriber Retention
  • Recovered Revenue

    Calculates the amount of total revenue recovered by Recurly, segmented by recovery method.

    Recovered Revenue


Recurly offers a variety of exports that provide you with the data you need for further reporting and analysis. Transfer data from Recurly into other business systems by configuring Automated Exports to retrieve data on a daily basis. Pair exports with custom fields to unify data from disparate systems, deepening subscriber insights.

Insights + Optimization = Revenue Growth

Recurly Analytics provides actionable insights and deep analysis, giving you the visibility you need to continually optimize your subscription business and speed decision-making. Recurly creates tremendous competitive advantage with knowledge, backed by data, to build and maintain enduring customer relationships.