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Leverage actionable data for strategic decision-making with Recurly’s robust subscription business analytics, intelligent insights, and informative dashboards.

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Insights that empower

Recurly Analytics provide a 360° overview of the state of your business every day. The Analytics dashboard offers access to subscriber, plan, and revenue data, as well as KPIs and trend analysis, to inform your decisions about business growth. Recurly’s partner integrations elevates your data offerings with key connections to form your own comprehensive data analytics platform.

Recurly + Snowflake

Snowflake shatters barriers that prevent your business from unleashing the true value of your data. Automatically export data from Recurly directly into Snowflake for a full analysis. By combining Recurly data with data stored in Snowflake, you’ll gain greater insights into your business performance and enable better analytics.

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Subscription health at a glance

The Analytics Dashboard presents a high-level snapshot of your subscriber base and churn rate, plan performance, billings, and revenue—key metrics that depict the overall health of your business.

Customer behavior

Evaluate subscription behavior over time with Net Subscriber Change data, Subscriber Churn Rate, and LTV.

Total Subscribers Total Subscribers

Subscription preferences

Instantly identify your most popular plans with Total Subscriptions insights and inspect business growth trends over time.

Total Subscriptions Total Subscriptions

Revenue overview

Report on key revenue metrics such as Net Billings, Average Revenue Per Customer, and monthly Recovered Revenue.

Average Revenue per Customer Average Revenue per Customer

Metrics that matter

Gone are the days of generic reports. Recurly Analytics offers specialized reports, KPIs, and graphs to help you optimize your plans, subscribers, and revenue streams for faster business growth. Customize the date range, intervals, and currency to display the data in a way that’s most meaningful to your business.

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Compares the performance of your top five plans over time.

Plan performance analytics

Displays MRR data for up to 18 months.

Monthly reccuring revenue analytics

Provides a cohort analysis showing active and churned subscribers over time.

Subscriber rentention analytics

Calculates the amount of total revenue recovered by Recurly, segmented by recovery method.

Recovered revenue analytics
Plan performance analytics Monthly reccuring revenue analytics Subscriber rentention analytics Recovered revenue analytics

A deeper dive into data

Recurly offers a variety of exports that provide more comprehensive data reporting and subscription analytics. Transfer data from Recurly into other business systems by configuring Automated Exports to retrieve data on a regular basis. Pair exports with custom fields to unify data from disparate systems, deepening subscriber insights.

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Grow revenue with intelligent insights

With actionable insights and deep analysis, Recurly supplies you with the data you need to optimize your subscription business and inform your strategic decisions on a daily basis. By creating tremendous competitive advantage with data-backed knowledge, Recurly strengthens your business for unparalleled growth.

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