In many communities, finding a babysitter or nanny is hard. Sittercity realized the challenges parents and others faced and launched a website to solve the problem, providing parents with a better, more effective way to find childcare. Founded in 2001, the service—which is accessed via a monthly subscription fee—has connected millions of families across the U.S. with qualified babysitters and nannies.

Sittercity originally ran their business on a subscription platform which they built themselves. But, like an unruly toddler, their homegrown solution was unmanageable. It failed to meet their needs and support their fast-growing business. They needed something else, and they chose Recurly.

According to Mark Row, VP of Product for Sittercity, “We thought that Recurly was a really good fit for our business model, and we also liked that it had modern technology—a powerful and flexible API, and a clean, intuitive interface.” They also had tremendous results using Recurly’s fraud prevention solution and recovered revenue tools. And that’s not all.

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