Recurly is excited to announce that our subscription management platform is now fully integrated with Vertex, a leading provider of tax technology and services. Vertex provides comprehensive, up-to-date global tax rates, calculating and adding the correct tax to global e-commerce transactions through their Vertex O Series solution. With Vertex, Recurly customers can streamline, automate, and standardize taxability and calculation on every purchase transaction, whether domestic or international.

This is especially important as cross-border digital tax laws are becoming increasingly common, both in the U.S. and abroad. Over 20 different countries or regions around the world have either enacted new digital taxes or are planning to do so. These taxes are typically imposed on digital services such as streaming services and other kinds of digital entertainment. They require companies to register and collect tax from customers based on their country of residence, rather than on the location of the company providing the service.

E-commerce taxation is ever-evolving, both in the U.S. and abroad. For example, in the recent Wayfair vs. South Dakota Supreme Court decision, the court ruled that e-commerce companies must begin collecting sales tax from customers in that state, regardless of whether or not the company has a presence there. This ruling has implications for other U.S. states and other e-commerce companies. Even without new tax laws that increase the complexity of regulations, the overhead to register, collect, and remit tax to foreign countries, as well as comply with additional validations and invoice level laws, can be arduous.

As more taxes on digital commerce are enacted, this creates a genuine pain point—one that companies are looking to address with new automated tax solutions. Subscription businesses need to find a recurring billing provider that has integrations with tax solutions that stay current on all tax rate changes, both domestic and international.

The Recurly’s Vertex integration is available on our Enterprise plan. To learn more about how Recurly supports automated tax compliance with Vertex, visit our documentation or contact our Sales team at (844) 732-8759.