Tailor Brands was founded on the belief that powerful branding should be accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level, background in design, or budget size. The company describes its platform as the world’s first automated branding agency—providing AI-software that creates unique brand identities and elements on the spot.

Based in Israel, Tailor Brands offers a subscription-based service that counts over seven million customers worldwide. When looking for a subscription management platform, the company had certain key criteria. As described by Maayan Kotler, VP of Marketing, “we needed flexible payment models, and not all the platforms had that. We knew we needed a platform with an intuitive and easy-to-use API. It was also really important that the platform offers an exceptional user experience, both for customers and our staff. Finally, we needed a sophisticated dunning process—and we were most impressed with Recurly’s dunning.”

Tailor Brands also relies on Recurly to help the company expand globally, through support for multiple currencies. Recurly’s easy-to-use coupon function powers subscriber acquisition and retention campaigns. And, as a high-volume business, Recurly’s ability to successfully and consistently process a large number of transactions is key to Tailor Brands’ subscriber retention.

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