Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly–the newsletter that keeps you on top of subscription content. In this issue, we review Disney+ price cuts, BMW’s refocus on subscription services, Spotify’s premium content testing, and Patreon’s new features for creators. 

Disney+ cuts price to $2 in limited-time offer

For the next two weeks, the popular streaming service is offering three months of its ad-supported tier for $1.99/month. This promotion is available from September 6 to 20 and can only be secured by new and returning subscribers. The discount comes as Disney+ is gearing up to raise its prices in October. Learn more on CNBC.

BMW drops heated seat subscription to refocus on software services

First announced in 2020, the subscription was intended to be one of many ways to offer flexibility to customers. However, BMW drew criticism for charging a subscription for heated seats. After finding that customer uptake wasn’t high, the company decided to focus on service-related products, like driving and parking assistance. Read more on Forbes.

So, what are consumers looking for in subscriptions? Understanding consumer demands and expectations is key to subscription success. And this is the perfect example. BMW drivers didn’t seek for heated seats, and the company heard. 

We’ve asked subscribers what makes a great subscription experience to give you the insights you need to delight your subscribers—from acquisition to retention across generations and regions.

Spotify puts publicly available lyrics behind a premium paywall in 'routine test'

Spotify is experimenting with the offerings of its Premium service. Over the last few days, several users on the free tier noticed they no longer had access to in-app lyrics. Instead, they were greeted by a notification bubble saying, “Enjoy lyrics on Spotify Premium,” along with a link to sign up. Spotify says putting the in-app lyrics behind a paywall is just a part of its routine testing. Learn more on Yahoo!

Spotify appears to be planning free audiobook trials for subscribers

The platform is planning on rolling out a free audiobook trial for subscribers. Users can expect up to 20 hours of listening per month and the ability to download books directly within the app. Spotify began offering audiobooks last year after acquiring Findaway, an audiobook platform. The main difference is it’s so far been using a pay-per-download model. Read more on The Verge. 

Patreon pilots Discord-like chatroom feature

The fan membership platform is beginning to roll out a chat feature, connecting creators directly with their fanbase in a group message. Patreon’s integration with Discord automatically adds patrons to a paywalled Discord server, achieving a similar effect of getting an entire community together in one place to have a more direct relationship with creators. Learn more on TechCrunch. 

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