Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! This time, we review how streaming brands stack up in subscribers and revenue, why profitability is more than just subscriber growth, and why we might see more streaming mergers in the future. We also review Apple’s ecosystem driving customer loyalty and the FTC click-to-cancel amendment.

How the streamers stack up right now in subscribers and revenue

Netflix extended its lead on the subscriber front as Warner Bros. Discovery and Disney+ posted quarterly declines. Meanwhile, Hulu, Paramount+, and Peacock saw steady subscriber gains for their latest quarters. Hulu, WBD, and Disney+ made progress toward narrowing the gap with Netflix on average revenue per user. Read more on Yahoo!

Streaming profitability is more than just subscriber growth

In the early days of the so-called streaming wars, subscriber growth was the name of the game. Now, account growth alone isn’t enough to achieve profitability. Increasingly, streaming profitability is defined by average revenue per user (ARPU), fueled mainly by advertising. Meaning that programmers with rising ARPU, like WBD, Paramount+, and Disney, can report ad revenue growth while losing subscribers. Learn more on AdExchanger.

More streaming mergers are ‘inevitable’ say experts

A tie-up trend is taking root in streaming. Small companies are struggling to keep up with industry giants. Meanwhile, the top dogs are gobbling up weaker competitors to improve their offerings, grow subscribers, and give advertisers more options. Oscar Wall, Recurly EMEA General Manager, said it makes it “inevitable that we’ll continue to see consolidation of streaming services in the future.” Read more on City A.M. 

Apple's 1B subscribers show power of ecosystems driving customer loyalty

Nowadays, consumers ask for easier ways to seek out new content and services in a curated environment–and providers have to listen and deliver. In the case of Apple, its success can largely be attributed to its well-established ecosystem and emphasis on personalization, thereby boosting conversion rates. Learn more on PYMNTS.

Understanding the ever-evolving consumer preferences is key to delivering the value and convenience they expect. Learn what subscribers want–from their own voices–in our survey report: 

Why the ‘click-to-cancel’ amendment makes sense

As FTC Chair Lina Khan explains, “The new rule aims to prevent businesses from tricking consumers into unwanted subscriptions, saving consumers time and money.” To remain competitive, retailers must offer comprehensive self-service experiences, including flexible payment scheduling and frictionless convenience. Read more on Payments Dive.

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