Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! For the last issue of the year, we’ll review how rising streaming prices will reshape entertainment in 2024. We also check on Apple’s new bundle pricing feature for developers, Peloton’s third-party pairing, and subscription trends on health and wellbeing.

How rising streaming prices will reshape entertainment choices in 2024

For the last decade, subscriber growth was the primary metric for performance. However, streaming services started caring more about average revenues per user, leading to new ad-supported subscription tiers and price hikes. Even though consumers are unlikely to cut off access to entertainment, this year created a perfect storm that eroded consumer goodwill and negatively impacted their brands. Read more on Insider Intelligence. 

Apple experiments to let developers offer discount bundles on subscriptions

Apple has started experimenting with a feature on the App Store that allows developers to charge a discounted price even if the app’s subscription goes up as long as consumers have subscribed to the other app in the bundle. While the feature is in the test phase, Apple said developers can promote this discount on off-platform marketing channels. Learn more on TechCrunch. 

Peloton’s app now pairs with third-party treadmills for some subscribers

Peloton is opening its app to third-party treadmills for its most expensive workout plan, Peloton App Plus. Users can check their incline, speed, pace, and distance via the app during a class session and get an estimated calorie burn and elevation gain after class. Read more on The Verge.

Consumers subscribe to health and wellness in 2024

From prescription subscriptions to stress management to biometric tracking, 71% of consumers rely on subscriptions to help hit their health and wellness goals. Next year will bring a greater focus on health and wellness–with individuals deploying a multi-layered wellness strategy using technology and subscription services to achieve a more holistic lifestyle. Learn more on the Recurly blog.

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