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Recurly releases its 2024 State of Subscriptions report

We're excited to share that Recurly has released its highly anticipated 2024 State of Subscriptions report. Drawing on data across millions of subscribers and billions of transactions, this report reveals benchmarks and trends and then pairs them with best practices to help subscription businesses drive strong growth strategies in the coming year. Read more on Recurly.com

Netflix adds 13M+ subscribers in Q4

In Q4 2023, Netflix surpassed expectations by adding 13.1 million subscribers, maintaining its position as the leading global streaming service. The company expressed confidence in future growth as streaming expands and outlined a robust content slate for 2024. Read more on Advanced Television.

Klarna Unveils Subscription Service, Klarna Plus

Swedish BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) firm Klarna has introduced a subscription service called Klarna Plus, priced at $7.99 per month in the U.S. The program aims to offer customers benefits such as avoiding service fees, earning rewards points, and receiving discounts. Read more on PYMNTS.

Spotify to start in-app purchases

Spotify is set to introduce in-app purchases for audiobooks and subscription plans in Europe starting in March, following the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This move allows Spotify users in Europe to make purchases within the app, circumventing Apple's 30% fee on transactions made through its App Store. Read more on Reuters.

PayPal rolls out one-click checkout, personalized offers, and ‘smart receipt’ features

PayPal is set to launch new artificial intelligence-driven products, including a one-click checkout feature, under the leadership of its new CEO, Alex Chriss. The move is aimed at tapping into investor enthusiasm for AI, which has contributed to record highs in U.S. stock markets. Read more on Yahoo Finance.

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