“Doers drive change. We empower them.” -- Pipefy video

These six words succinctly describe Pipefy’s mission: to make work easier and faster through workflow automation and organization. Since Pipefy launched in 2015, companies like Volvo, Wipro, Capgemini, and IBM have embraced Pipefy’s powerful platform. Today, Pipefy is used by doers in over 215 countries.

An important element of that remarkable growth story has been Pipefy’s adoption of business tools to streamline back-end processes, such as account setup. Pipefy’s customer base includes companies large and small, and Pipefy wants to provide as stellar an onboarding experience for a self-serve startup as it does for an enterprise company with a dedicated account manager. That’s why in 2016, Pipefy decided to adopt Recurly to simplify its subscription billing and management.

Recurly did far more than just streamline Pipefy’s self-service account creation process, though. Since adding Recurly to its back-end suite of tools, Pipefy has also lowered its involuntary churn rate (churn caused by payment issues, not customer dissatisfaction) by customizing its dunning email flow. The company’s average revenue recovery rate has nearly doubled, from 38% to 70%, thanks to Pipefy’s ability to personalize these emails with the appropriate level of context for each customer.

But Pipefy wouldn’t have brought a subscription billing and management solution into the fold if it didn’t play well with its existing tech stack. Fortunately, Recurly met that need thanks to its integrations with NetSuite and Zapier. The Pipefy and Recurly teams worked hand-in-hand to customize the NetSuite integration for Pipefy’s needs, helping Pipefy keep all of its subscriber information in one place and recognize revenue. And the Zapier integration further simplified the creation of accounts by linking Recurly with other tools Pipefy uses.

Learn more about Pipefy’s astounding growth and how Recurly has played an integral role in the company’s success in the full case study. If that piques your interest, get a tour of the Recurly platform: