Recurly is pleased to announce two updates to our Hosted Payment Pages, coming on January 26th.

Gift Cards Functionality for Hosted Pages

To further support our gift card feature, Recurly has created a new hosted payment page that now allows your customers to easily purchase gift cards. Many of our customers appreciate the ease of use of our hosted pages and wanted to start using our gift card feature, and this hosted page allows them to do so.  

In addition, new and existing customers can now redeem a gift card on the plan’s hosted payment page. Existing customers can also redeem a gift card on Hosted Account Management.

Hosted Payment Page Redesign

We are also very happy to have completed a refresh of our hosted payment page, adding finesse to your customers’ sign up process. The functionality of the page hasn’t changed—Recurly merchants can still customize the background color and upload their logo. The checkout and the success pages have also been updated with the new design.

To learn more about our gift card feature, please read our documentation or contact Support.