We are excited to announce that Recurly’s Colorado team has moved to a new location in downtown Boulder, just three blocks from well-known Pearl Street. We spent the previous three years in a building right across the way from our new location. Our old office served us well, and we made great memories (and subscription management software) there—and now, we can’t be more excited about our new space.

Like our old space, the new office is also on the ground level and looks out onto Walnut Street and the path along the river walk. We’re excited that we were able to stay in this part of Boulder where there’s both a mix of nature and many great restaurants on Pearl Street—all within an easy walking distance.

There were several factors that motivated us to move offices:


When we moved into our first office, there were only two employees and plenty of room. When we left, there were thirty-six Recurlians, and space was getting tight. The new office offers more square footage—almost triple our previous space! And the open office plan has allowed us to rethink our layout to better serve the mix of employees. Before, the majority of employees in our Boulder office were engineers. Now, we’re adding more employees in different functions that better fit our collaborative team set-up.

Gabe Leon photograph


Why change a good thing? We loved the fact that our last office was within walking distance of the best restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping in Boulder. And the new space is too! More than a dozen great restaurants (The KitchenCorridaThe Med to name just a few) and more are just a short walk away. We’re also a block from the Boulder Library and Boulder Creek Path where employees regularly walk to do one-on-ones, bike, or run. The location lets our team take advantage of all the offerings of Pearl Street. We're all huge advocates for this community, and we're excited that our office location lets us continue that support. 


As we grow, we’re keeping an eye on our culture and how we do things. For example, our new space provides us with many more conference rooms, and the flexible office plan supports collaboration across teams, supporting our collegial environment.

Recurly boulder team

It has been an exciting five years for Recurly, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our path forward. We’re still working on getting settled in, and we’re incredibly excited to be in the new space. We recently hosted an open house for local clients, neighbors, and potential new hires which brought in over a hundred people.

Our new address is 1050 Walnut Street, Boulder, Colorado.

Lucien welcoming to Recurly