Consumer demands change constantly, and you need to be one step ahead. Built with your revenue goals in mind and the most innovative subscription management and billing technology, Recurly makes scalability possible with a lightweight API that emphasizes ease of integration and a faster time-to-value. 

What exactly can you do with Recurly’s API?

Recurly's API allows your team to share robust sets of instructions in a single call and build a scalable platform, design personalized subscription experiences, and perform customer imports seamlessly. 

Any developer familiar with Ruby, PHP, Python, and .NET can implement using Recurly’s API to get you up and running in under a week.

  • Look and feel: Help your subscribers feel secure when purchasing: Customize designs, form creations, and errors to keep a cohesive look and feel at the checkout moment.

  • Billing flexibility: Allow for the most flexibility in billing scenarios–future start dates, custom trials, custom prices, and pre-defined quantities. 

  • Payment methods: Handle credit card payments easily. 

  • PCI Compliance: Cardholder data passes through your system to Recurly. Users submitting credit card data directly via the API must complete the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire C, even if your system only stores credit card data in memory.

  • Customer management: Implement account management on your site and let your customers view their invoices, change subscription plans, update billing information, or cancel their plans. 

  • Migrate existing subscribers: You can migrate account data into Recurly on your own. However, due to the highly sensitive nature of this data, we strongly recommend leveraging our Account and Billing Import service to ensure a smooth transfer from your legacy provider.

    • Account Information: You can use our create_account API endpoint to recreate your existing customer accounts in Recurly–if you plan to have us manage your billing or subscription import, do not create accounts beforehand.

    • Account & Billing Information: Recurly provides a PCI-compliant transfer of existing subscribers and their billing information from your legacy provider onto our platform via a secure FTP site. Once we’ve executed the import, we’ll share results and address any discrepancies to complete validation and cleanup before closing out. 

  • Migrate subscription information: You have three options to migrate your customers’ existing subscriptions

    • Self-import methods: Manual Invoice and Free Trial.

    • Recurly-managed method: Our Import Team takes you through a formal migration process to bring customer data into Recurly–including an import of accounts, billing records, and subscriptions.

Whatever method you choose, our team is here to help you with comprehensive content you can leverage from. Find quick answers on Recurly’s FAQ page, dive deeper into product and developer documentation, or submit a ticket to get support from one of our representatives.

Driving subscription success at any scale

Let our team focus on subscription management and recurring billing technicalities so you can focus on your product. Recurly’s components dynamically scale up or down based on volume and demand, allowing you to grow continuously over time, during peaks and valleys.