We're excited to announce that Recurly.js will soon support PayPal, giving your customers the flexibility to choose between preferred payment methods – all within your same branded payment form. We are currently beta-testing PayPal with a select group of merchants and will be ready to make this available through an updated version of Recurly.js in the next few weeks.

What’s Recurly.js?

Recurly.js is a suite of developer tools to easily connect your business' website with Recurly's API. Companies use Recurly's JavaScript libraries to drop in subscription forms without spending weeks developing and debugging from scratch. Your customer stays on your web site while their billing information is securely sent to Recurly for approval. This allows you to remain PCI compliant and but still control the look and feel of your subscription process.

Because the CSS is fully customizable, the result is that your development team gets off easy, the marketing team stays happy, and your security audits will be short and sweet. This service is currently free to all Recurly customers.

Getting Started

As with any Recurly feature, our goal is to make your job implementing PayPal within your existing payment form as easy as possible. We have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure Recurly.js best supports PayPal so that your integration will be seamless, without complex workarounds or delays. We’re confident you’re going to be pleased with this new feature.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be working through any remaining issues based on our beta-testers’ feedback and will soon make it available to everyone in an updated version of Recurly.js.

Recurly.js with PayPal

Want to Help?

Already using PayPal payments on the Hosted Payment Pages (or another integration)? We want you to join the beta today! Contact us at support@recurly.com to get started.

Or, if you’re not already using PayPal but are interested in helping us test out this new feature, please let us know. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be approved for Reference Transactions on your PayPal account or complete the online application. Approval for Reference Transactions is usually reserved for merchants with current PayPal operating history.

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