It’s no secret that the SaaS recurring revenue model has soared in popularity among tech companies—according to upFlow, 90% of technology organizations are planning or are in the process of shifting to a subscription-based model. Unfortunately, only 55% consider themselves ready for this shift.

One of the reasons why organizations find subscription billing challenging is the time-consuming nature of the quote-to-cash process, which must take place on a recurring basis. 

A salesperson determines a quote for a customer, waits for a contract to be created that the customer then signs, and hands the signed contract off to the finance or accounting department so someone can manually generate an invoice. Between each of these steps, someone from the sales operations team needs to verify that there aren’t any errors and move the process along.

Suffice it to say, these manual processes place taxing burdens on finance and operations teams, and their complexity can lead to underbilling, which impacts the bottom line.

The answer is simple: automating the quote-to-cash process. But it’s easier said than done, since most organizations lack the time and resources to devise, develop, and maintain custom workflows.

Enter the era of “no-code”

“No-code” software has fundamentally changed how many enterprises develop internal tools. In the last few years, platforms like Airtable, Webflow, and Zapier have enabled non-development teams to create automated workflows to streamline cumbersome processes. From managing how leads flow from one department to another to creating engaging web experiences, companies have no shortage of use cases for “no-code” software.

Recognizing the pain that finance, sales, and sales ops teams endure, we’ve brought this no-code approach to the quote-to-cash process. B2B SaaS companies—in particular, those that use Salesforce to manage all aspects of their customer relationships—can now use the new Recurly for Salesforce integration to automate quote-to-cash.

Why use Recurly’s new Salesforce integration?

This new integration can help B2B businesses with sales-assisted business models manage complex, nuanced deals at scale and improve operational efficiency through automation. No more writing custom code to sync important information between Salesforce and Recurly! Now, your teams can:

  • Capture and maintain your subscription and one-time offerings in a single place and easily sync them over to Salesforce. This way, your sales team can add these offerings to the right Account, Plan, Subscription, Invoice, Transaction, and Line Item objects, with just a few clicks.

  • Let each team—Sales and Finance—focus on what they do best. Sales teams can concentrate on winning deals, not manually referencing your subscription management and billing platform. And your Finance team can spend more time on billing and collecting revenue instead of fixing errors caused by manual data entry.

We designed this new integration specifically to address the pain points our merchants have told us about. Just read what one of our leading SaaS customers, Mode Analytics, has to say: 

We rely on Salesforce for our sales flows and contract management, and on Recurly for all things invoicing. There’s a lot of manual effort required when the two systems aren’t well-connected. The new Recurly for Salesforce functionality can be very beneficial for our internal processes as it can almost completely eliminate the need for manual invoicing.

Teodora Evanick, ControllerMode

Wrap up

Automating quote-to-cash can have a tremendous impact on your business: quicker rounds of revisions, fewer back-and-forth handoffs, and less error-fixing. The new Recurly for Salesforce integration can help you operate at high speed and scale, and it’ll only get better as the Recurly platform expands its capabilities and supports more business scenarios.

Learn more about the new Recurly for Salesforce integration by checking out our docs. Not using Recurly yet? Get a demo to see firsthand why leading SaaS companies like LiveChat and Birdeye use Recurly to power their subscription success.