We’re excited to announce that as of today our API v3 PHP Client is now LIVE!

Our API v3 went GA in October of 2019 and was immediately embraced by our user base. Now, significant chunks of our overall API traffic is migrating over to the new API v3, as currently ~10% of all API traffic is served from the API v3. It’s delighted our merchants for many years, so it makes us happy to be able to bring the functionality to you in the form of a new client.

Let’s review the benefits of this new API v3:

  • JSON improves API network performance, resulting in faster processing of business logic which could impact subscriber conversion rates.

  • Based on the Open API Specification, which enables automated generation of Documentation, Client Libraries, and Code Examples. The automation of these aspects are key to Recurly’s ability to scale our Developer Experience.

  • Reduced errors in Documentation and Code Examples due to less reliance on manual updates.

  • All v3 Client Libraries contain the most up-to-date support for Recurly platform features, reducing fragmentation that has occasionally occurred with v2 Client Libraries.

  • All new client libraries created for v3 include Ruby, Node, .NET Core, Python, and Java. More clients will be added in the future. Check out the currently available official client libraries



As you may know, we currently offer support RubyDotnetPythonNode, and JavaPHP was the next language we wanted to tackle as we both have a deep appreciation for the language, and for ensuring our merchants have the right tools for the job. Also, Golang work is ongoing, so keep an eye for a GA release there soon, or let us know if you’d like to test tomorrow’s clients today.