While our love for wine goes back thousands of years, today’s wineries and their clients need modern solutions.

WineDirect is the grapevine connecting winemakers and consumers. The company provides an end-to-end solution for over 1,800 wineries worldwide, big and small, to sell wine directly to end consumers. This DTC business model has been a huge success for WineDirect, becoming even more fruitful during the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers crave wine to be delivered to their homes.

But as the company started to grow, WineDirect noticed its billing complexities starting to spill over. Its in-house billing system led to inefficiencies in its finance processes. WineDirect needed a solution that could help it scale, without taking away from its offerings.

That’s why WineDirect paired with Recurly to automate its subscription billing processes. 

WineDirect uses Recurly’s subscription billing and management platform to automate the subscription billing processes for all of its wineries. Initially drawn to Recurly for its ability to automate revenue recovery efforts and reduce declines, WineDirect now benefits from Recurly’s ability to save them time in managing complex billing procedures through automation.

WineDirect also maximizes revenue with Recurly’s quantity-based pricing, which allows WineDirect to send its customers’ data directly into Recurly so Recurly can then automatically determine the right amount to charge each customer. Additionally, Recurly’s dunning and revenue recovery help WineDirect minimize involuntary churn.

Funneling all our billing through Recurly has really paid off and has been a huge benefit because of the time and money we aren’t spending on resources to manage and update all the complexities associated with invoicing and payments.

––Devin Loftis, Chief Technology Officer at WineDirect

Thanks to its partnership with Recurly, WineDirect can process over 5 million orders each year. We’ll drink to that.

Still wining about payments? Check out the full WineDirect customer study to see how you can get the best subscription management—and still have time to kick back and unwined.