There’s nothing better than receiving packages in the mail. Now imagine those packages filled to the brim with full-size, brand name surprises.

FabFitFun has taken this idea and run with it. The company, which originally launched as a female-oriented lifestyle blog and newsletter, bumped its subscriber numbers from the thousands to the millions when it  started sending out its seasonally updated FabFitFun subscription boxes in 2013. 

FabFitFun’s offerings range from beauty to fashion, home, wellbeing, tech, fitness, and more. Its offerings get at the heart of everything a subscription box should be, with packaging and presentation that’s way outside of the box.

As FabFitFun’s boxes exploded in popularity, the company realized that payment failures were threatening FabFitFun’s long-term health. Like many companies that experience rapid growth, FabFitFun found itself bursting at the seams and in need of a way to recover from failed payments.

Unique business needs require unique solutions. That’s when Recurly stepped in with its Custom Retry Model. This bespoke solution intelligently reduces involuntary churn by using machine learning to dynamically retry failed transactions. The result: lower retry costs for FabFitFun and higher subscriber retention.

FabFitFun’s new tailored retry logic not only ensures optimal revenue recovery, but also puts its subscription members first by mitigating involuntary churn. Meanwhile, the company can focus its energy on delivering a great customer experience to combat voluntary churn.

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