The competition is coming. By 2020, eighty percent of SaaS players will move to a subscription-based model, which means your success strategies have to evolve—and that includes the all-important fundamental: how your subscriptions are structured.

Your subscription pricing and plan structure have a profound impact on subscriber acquisition and retention. Do you choose an annual or monthly plan? Offer a trial or discounts? Once you nail the formula, you'll see your revenue increase.

This is where a test plan is critical. Combined with benchmark data, you can test and iterate your way to the right pricing and plan structure. And, when important decisions are backed by comprehensive benchmark data, you’re far more likely to see an increase in adoption and revenue.

Join Recurly and VentureBeat for a live webinar and discover essential SaaS benchmarks and best practices to maximize revenue, improve acquisition, and spur adoption. Registration is free!

Attendees will learn:

• Important SaaS benchmarks by industry segment • How to structure your SaaS subscription plans and pricing to maximize revenue and retention • How successful SaaS companies use a test, learn and iterate framework to optimize revenue • The key metrics — and reports — to monitor for success and maximum LTV • The results of an in-depth case study on SaaS testing and pricing

Date & Time: Thursday, March 21, 2019 10am PT / 1pm ET

Speakers: Panelist: Emma Clark, Chief of Staff, Recurly Moderator/Analyst: Sean Joyce, Recurring Revenue Technologies, Navint