Output is an LA-based company that develops innovative software products for musicians, composers, producers, and sound designers. The company’s focus is simple: groundbreaking concepts, new sounds, and new sources of inspiration.

Output’s customers access different software products either via a monthly subscription or by purchasing a perpetual license. But, with their previous subscription management platform, Output experienced credit card decline rates of almost 30%, twice the industry average of 15% for subscription commerce businesses. They knew they had a problem and began researching solutions until they discovered  Recurly.

“Recurly described how their subscription management solution could help us route payments using different gateways, what makes their retry system superior, their advanced dunning features, and all the other elements involved in addressing payment failures,” Output’s General Manager Brian Zarlenga remarked. He also reports that, “after implementing Recurly, we saw an astounding 45% decrease in credit card declines.”

Read the detailed case study to learn how Recurly reduced Output’s decline rate, optimized their payments process and provided welcome peace of mind. 

Delivering a Range of Benefits

A plethora of businesses sell their goods on sites like Amazon and eBay and then ship them via carriers such as FedEx and USPS. These businesses rely on ShipStation to aggregate their orders and automatically generate shipping labels to ensure they deliver the right package to the right customer, every time. ShipStation relies on the subscription model to provide its service to its customers.

ShipStation needed a new subscription management solution and quickly realized that trying to develop their own solution would take too long and impact their ability to get to market quickly. So, they decided to buy rather than build and chose Recurly as the solution that would best meet their needs.

Keith McGill, Director of IT for ShipStation, says that Recurly, “gives us peace of mind knowing that our billing is taken care of efficiently and accurately. This lets us focus our energy on our product—our core business—which ultimately makes us more competitive.”

In addition, through proactively monitoring ShipStation’s metrics in Recurly, Recurly staff were able to identify some critical issues and determine how to resolve them, saving ShipStation significant money and resources. And, Recurly’s gateway routing feature was key to enabling ShipStation to create separate reports and analytics for two distinct lines of business.

Read the case study to learn more about how Recurly is able to streamline the complexity of subscription management, letting ShipStation deliver a great experience to their subscribers.