The subscription model is one of the fastest-growing categories in e-commerce—which should come as no surprise given the many benefits that a recurring revenue business offers. While the model provides benefits, it also has inherent complexity.

Businesses seeking to start a subscription business or add a subscription component to their existing business need to ensure they’ve chosen a subscription commerce platform that will support their growth and success. Ensuring the continuity of recurring billing and payments, managing customer upgrades and downgrades, delivering accurate financial reporting and regulatory compliance in safeguarding customer information are critical factors.

Done well, subscription billing delivers significant competitive advantage—but doing it right requires the right platform. A rich set of features and functions, ease of use, lightweight integration options, and other foundational elements deliver the ability to be nimble, flexible, and responsive to customer and market demands. Customers are less likely to churn if their payments are successful and their billing experience hassle-free. And your staff, particularly your finance and accounting teams, will appreciate if your business’ subscription platform includes automated tools for revenue recognition and other required reports.

A platform that meets these fundamental requirements will unlock the power of subscription revenue, unleashing a thriving, growing business. To learn more, download Recurly’s new e-book, “Choosing the Right Subscription Billing Platform” and unlock the keys to your subscription business success.

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