Last week, 12,500+ SaaS executives, founders, and venture capitalists came together for the SaaStr Annual 2019 event, the largest non-vendor SaaS conference on the planet. This year, we had a crew of Recurlians who attended, including myself. There were many noteworthy moments during the event. From a Technical Sales Engineer perspective, it was more than just showcasing or selling Recurly's capabilities and the recurring billing challenges that we solve for our customers. I had a chance to speak to people from different backgrounds and with a variety of projects, all looking for solutions that would help them fill in the missing pieces.

I really enjoyed the challenge of addressing the problems that different attendees presented to me when they visited Recurly’s booth. Working with someone to reach a mutual goal has always been something that I love doing. Helping companies which are exploring the possibilities of subscription commerce as a part of their stack, as well as hearing unique approaches to a subscription business model were awesome and illuminating!  

Subscriptions, as a billing model, is increasingly a mainstay within the SaaS world, and this was definitely a theme throughout this event. All the parties involved—from SaaS companies, potential partners, and industry investors—proved that this event is a great opportunity to connect in the the highly profitable and competitive SaaS industry.

Recurly reps

Recurlians Jevell Rollins, Jennifer Walsh, and Mark Pinard.