Subscription businesses that want to expand globally know they need to offer the payment methods that their prospects in different countries prefer. They need a gateway that can accept international currencies along with a wide variety of payment methods global customers tend to use.

For example, in Germany customers want to pay with Giropay. In the Netherlands, iDeal is popular. And business will increase conversions more easily by accepting the Sofort payment method that’s commonly used in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, and Poland.

Recurly partners with Adyen

Recurly is excited to announce a new integration with Adyen, a leading global payments company. Adyen supports transactions via credit and debit cards along with over 50 other payment methods that are used in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Recurly’s integration with Adyen makes it easy for subscription businesses to accept the local payment methods used and preferred in these regions.

Businesses that already have a relationship with Adyen can continue to use this gateway when they select Recurly as their subscription management platform. And existing Recurly customers that are expanding into new countries have the option of an additional gateway.

Benefits of this integration

Successful global expansion requires that subscription businesses accept credit cards and locally preferred payment methods used for both recurring and one-time payments. Through this integration, Recurly is able to support many additional currencies and payment methods. Accepting local payments also improves both conversion rates and decline rates—which further boosts sales.

Adyen supports not just credit cards, but also direct debit, prepaid methods, mobile wallets that allow for recurring payments, and other local payment types, all in a seamless and secure way.

Choosing Adyen also gives businesses a single view into all their supported payment methods and lets them easily manage payments all in one platform. As well, they’ll benefit significantly from Adyen’s experience in cross-border commerce and its robust support organization which can help resolve the unique local issues often encountered when expanding into new countries.

This breadth of coverage that Adyen offers along with their expertise in serving international markets and navigating local regulations are just some of the reasons why Recurly has chosen to partner with them. These strengths underscore how Adyen has built such an impressive market share and customer base.

To learn more about the gateways and countries Recurly supports, check out our Payment Gateways page.

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