Most CFOs would agree, there's a lot to like about subscriptions - from predictable, compounding revenue to deep, long-term customer relationships. However, nothing jeopardizes subscription profits faster than involuntary churn due to failed payments.

In this webcast, you’ll learn how leading finance executives are leveraging the latest in machine learning to intelligently optimize recurring payments — improving transaction success rates and delivering a dramatic boost to subscription revenue. 

Join us to explore the following payments optimization topics: 

  • The value of operating multiple gateways, particularly in dynamic, high-volume transaction environments

  • How A/B testing and custom gateway routing improves transaction success rates

  • Why ensuring business continuity with a failover gateway is critical

  • The impact of decline management strategies using machine learning (hint: 12% increase to monthly revenue on average).

Also, we'll share their latest subscription industry benchmarks on churn, revenue recovery and the impact of recurring payment optimization.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

2PM ET | 11AM PT



Jonas Flodh, SVP of Product, Recurly

HOSTED BY: and Recurly