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Andrew Chapello and Neeraj Periwal

Product Manager and Content Marketing Manager, Recurly


Andrew Chapello is Group Product Manager at Recurly. Neeraj Periwal is Content Marketing Manager at Recurly.

Latest posts by Andrew Chapello and Neeraj Periwal

How Headless Commerce Can Help Subscription Businesses Win

In a space as dynamic as ecommerce, it's easy for buzzwords like "conversational AI" and "omnichannel" to steal the limelight, even if few ecommerce experts can precisely define them. The term headless commerce has recently emerged as the "next new thing," and like most new things, it's not yet fully...

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Teaming Up with Avalara to Make Streaming Taxes More Streamlined

It’s no secret that streaming services have completely changed the way many Americans consume media. For years, consumers have been shifting away from purchasing one-off movies, shows, and songs — or getting most of their entertainment from a cable TV package — and instead subscribing to services like Netflix and...

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