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Increase subscriber loyalty and reduce involuntary churn.

The Top Streaming Media Companies' Competitive Advantage

Streaming services operate in an intensely competitive and dynamic marketplace. Cord-cutters, shavers, and cord-nevers face an unprecedented wealth of choices, from providers to channels to bundles. Their viewing habits and their purchasing trends are evolving at a rapid pace, even as the market itself grows exponentially. Multiply all these variables by the high volume of transactions and bold acquisition tactics, and you get churn rates that can be remarkably high.

How do the giants of streaming media—companies like Sling, Twitch, and CBS Interactive—not only survive, but thrive? They have a competitive advantage: Recurly.

Recurly's flexible plan and promotion creation tools let you quickly test, learn, and iterate. Powerful analytics deliver business intelligence instantly, enabling you to make critical decisions in real time. And our industry-leading decline management technology, driven by machine learning, minimizes churn and maximizes your revenue.

Acquire Viewers

Acquire Viewers

Leverage powerful tools like coupons, free trials, gift cards, billing options, and more to optimize your acquisition tactics; Recurly streaming media customers see an average of 68% year-over-year growth thanks to our tools and analytics.

Engage and Retain

Engage and Retain

Easily upgrade, downgrade, and pause subscriptions; maximize revenue and minimize churn with powerful retention tools that recover an average of 70% of failed subscription renewals.

Scale for Peak Viewing

Scale for Peak Viewing

Maximize your acquisition results, even during peak viewing events such as Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, NBA Finals, and Grammys with the best platform for massive volume, stability, and scalability.

Recurly has allowed us to shift quite a few resources away from payments... and allowed us to focus on products and services instead of the mechanics of the payments.

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