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Looking ahead: Trends in subscription payments

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Payments are one of the defining factors for successful subscription businesses—a lever for delivering value, a business model, or even the foundation for an economic revolution. What does the future of recurring payments hold in the light of shifts in consumer payment options and subscription-purchase preferences?

Join us for a 30-minute, intimate fireside chat with Recurly’s CEO, Dan Burkhart, and SVP Marketing, Danielle Gotkis, on the future of recurring payments. You’ll walk away with an insider perspective on how to: 

  • Implement key trends that will position businesses for growth

  • Create frictionless payment experiences for both hybrid and evolving models

  • Capitalize on consumption-based monetization strategies

Daniel Burkhart headshot

Dan Burkhart

Member of the Recurly board


Danielle Gotkis headshot

Danielle Gotkis

Senior Vice President of Marketing