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5 Dos and Don’ts to Minimize Subscriber Churn

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DUNNING. It’s that critical subscription business process that minimizes subscriber churn. It’s also that common “insider” term that confuses many because it’s not well understood.

Dunning is the process for smartly and methodically communicating with your subscribers to ensure renewals (and especially expired renewals) are paid. In short, it’s the critical tool in your retention tool kit to minimize churn of your subscribers.

Join us for our workshop on Dunning and Churn to understand:

  • What is churn? What are the types of churn?

  • How does Dunning fit into your strategy to decrease churn in your business.

  • Dunning and Churn benchmarks (across industries, B2C, B2B and different sized subscription businesses).

  • Three case studies on how businesses decreased churn through better Dunning.

  • 5 dos and don’ts for optimizing Dunning and decreasing Churn