Virtual fireside chat

Unlocking 515% ROI: Subscription tactics by Findmypast’s Product Leader

Dunning, plan personalisation, and more contributed to its success.

Virtual fireside chat

In this fireside chat, you’ll learn about:

  • Tried-and-true tactics on how to create and deliver a frictionless subscriber experience 

  • The importance of plan personalisation and subscription flexibility to constantly experiment, learn, and iterate

  • How to optimize dunning management in subscriptions, which ultimately resulted in an almost 11% improvement rate as well as a 12% decrease in payment failure rate 

  • The important questions to ask when evaluating a subscription management and recurring billing platform

  • The exact tips on how Jenkins helped drive Findmypast to a 515% ROI using Recurly

An ideal subscriber experience can mean many things, but at its core, a successful subscriber experience is seamless and commits to providing customer value time and time again. For many recurring revenue businesses, this requires a multi-faceted approach that involves everything from a thoughtful customer acquisition strategy to subscriber retention tactics to a multitude of payment options. 

For Findmypast, a London-based genealogy website dedicated to uncovering family records and creating memorable stories, this required an in-depth audit and overhaul of its current processes and legacy subscription management and recurring billing solution.

“[Subscriptions are] constantly changing, and you need the flexibility to look ahead, look at what markets are doing, look at what the future’s holding, look where you want to go as a business.” - Greg Jenkins, Head of Product, Findmypast

In this interview, Greg Jenkins, Head of Product at Findmypast, walks us through Findmypast’s business journey–its roots, its goals, its execution process of a better subscription service, and its remarkable results that led to a 515% return on investment. For Jenkins, having a customer sign up for a subscription is a value exchange, and the most important question to help the subscriber answer is, “What is the value I’m going to get back from this?” 

If you’re eager to learn about the true impact a frictionless subscriber experience can have on your subscription business, fill out the form and listen to the Findmypast story now.

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Greg Jenkins

Head of Product