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Endemic Impacts & Trends in Subscriptions

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Do you know how many of your subscribers are considering canceling? This year alone 31% of subscribers plan to cancel at least one subscription. Understanding consumer preferences and behaviors, as well as knowing how to successfully leverage them, can catapult your subscription success in subscriber and subscription revenue growth. Our latest subscription industry research uncovers how subscribers’ pandemic and endemic sentiments have evolved in terms of subscriptions they prefer, the value they seek, and the motivations behind signups and cancellations. Join Theresa Mcendree, Chief Marketing Officer at Recurly, to dive into our survey findings and discover best practices on new ways to drive revenue, increase subscriber lifetime value, and encourage subscriber engagement. 

In this webinar, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Anticipate consumer behaviors throughout the subscriber lifecycle and increase subscriber lifetime value 

  • Understand how to identify trends for and capitalize on subscription loyalty

  • Design a powerful core product or service that acquires, retains, and scales loyal customers based on subscription trends

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Theresa McEndree

Chief Marketing Officer