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5 strategies to chop customer churn by 73%

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Forget the change in your couch. How does $800M in recovered revenue sound? Join Jonas Flodh, Chief Product Officer, and Eric Holle, a Recurly product manager, who can tell you how leading subscription brands like Paramount+, TIME, and FabFitFun recover this “found money” every year.

“Revenue eaters” are stealing your subscribers and suffocating your business. Did you know 13% of recurring transactions are at risk of failing? Did you know it’s possible to see involuntary churn rates of 1% and deliver a seamless subscriber experience?

This 30-minute session will provide actionable best practices to inform and bolster your churn management strategy to help you recover more revenue and retain more customers regardless of where you’re at in your subscription business journey—launching, expanding, or optimizing.

You’ll walk away with:   

  • How to reduce involuntary churn by 73% and untangle the complexities of recurring payments

  • Benchmark churn data and deeper insights around involuntary churn

  • 5 best practices for proactively combating churn and retaining more subscribers and recovering more revenue

Jonas Flodh headshot

Jonas Flodh

Chief Product Officer


Eric Holle headshot

Eric Holle

Senior Product Manager


You won’t want to miss this virtual event with experts from Recurly, the leading subscription management and billing platform. If you can’t join us on October 12, you can still watch the on-demand recording afterward by registering.

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