5 revenue recognition must-haves for DTC subscription businesses

Best practices to address the unique revenue recognition challenges faced by DTC subscription brands

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In this subscription revenue recognition software checklist, you’ll learn about:

  • The top five must-haves that every direct-to-consumer subscription business needs in their revenue recognition arsenal to handle necessary and complex revenue recognition processes

  • How to handle personalized plans, products, and promotions to suit consumers changing demands while keeping compliant with revenue recognition standards, such as contract modifications and incremental expenses

  • How to navigate global expansion in regards to ASC-606, IFRS-15, and more. Abroad, subscription revenue accounting must account for multiple currencies, foreign exchange rates, and more

  • The importance of cross-platform configurations and gathering data to accurately report on multiple revenue streams, plus how to leverage revenue insights to influence short and long-term business decisions

DTC subscription businesses must approach revenue recognition differently 

Revenue recognition software is the answer for any growth-minded business looking to automate subscription revenue accounting, especially businesses in direct-to-consumer industries who must think about revenue recognition in innovative ways. With high-velocity, high-volume customer contracts and seemingly endless contract modifications, revenue recognition standards such as ASC-606–and IFRS-15 for businesses operating abroad–can easily become more complicated.

With an influx of demands for upgrades, downgrades, plan pauses, and more, DTC subscription businesses are dealing with a higher and more regular cadence of changes. However, that doesn’t mean that revenue recognition processes are the same–compliance is still mandatory with every new plan and new change.

The solution for consumer subscriptions with revenue recognition 

As the pressure continues to build for subscription businesses, revenue recognition becomes more and more important. Our checklist, Unlocking growth potential: Innovative revenue recognition must-haves for DTC subscription businesses, breaks down the most critical five components every DTC company needs to consider in subscription revenue accounting. 

From introducing new products and personalized bundles to contract modifications, consumer subscriptions have unique considerations that a non-revenue recognition expert may miss. Moreover, if you’re a growth-minded company looking to expand globally, currency, tax, and more considerations come into play. Data gathering and usage become more important in revenue forecasting, but you need the right revenue recognition software to provide accurate, real-time information.

DTC subscription businesses need to ensure flexibility, accuracy, and scalability in all aspects of their business, especially with revenue recognition. Download our Unlocking growth potential: Innovative revenue recognition must-haves for DTC subscription businesses checklist today to keep a good thing growing.

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