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Subscription growth metrics cheat sheet

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What’s in the subscription growth metrics cheat sheet for Digital Publishing businesses:

  • Key metrics across engagement, acquisition, efficiency, growth, and revenue unique to Digital Publishing subscription businesses

  • Clear formulas for every metric with explanations and benchmarks for key metrics

  • Expert tips for creating a cohort analysis for deeper insights into metrics that matter for Digital Publishing subscription businesses, such as churn reduction, revenue growth, and ideal subscriber profile

Digital Publishing subscription businesses should track metrics unique to their needs and goals.

Subscription businesses in the Digital Publishing sector cater to consumers of written content–that’s a completely different experience from consumers in the Digital Media and Entertainment and Consumer Goods and Retail spaces. With that being said, companies that follow the Digital Publishing subscription business model need their own metrics to follow, and that’s where our subscription growth metrics cheat sheet comes in.

With the right metrics, a world of possibilities opens up for your business. You can accurately track performance and decide where to make adjustments for a stronger strategy. Use your newfound data to forecast the future and grow limitlessly. For Digital Publishing subscription businesses, tracking the right metrics matters. With engagement specifically, Digital Publishers need to gather insights on page views, impressions, time on page, scroll depth, pages per session, and more. In addition to engagement, our cheat sheet shares tips and formulas to track:

  • Acquisition: Understand how free trials, customer behavior, and more impact subscriber growth. Metrics include conversion rate, abandonment rate, and more.

  • Growth: Learn how to grow efficiently and balance acquisition costs with subscriber lifetime value. Metrics include subscriber churn rate, customer acquisition cost, and more.

  • Revenue: Recurring revenue businesses collect and interpret revenue differently than traditional businesses, such as the need to consider churn and monthly recurring revenue. Metrics include negative churn, annualized run rate, and more.

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