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Subscription growth metrics cheat sheet

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What’s in this subscription growth metrics cheat sheet for Consumer Goods and Retail subscription businesses?

  • Key metrics from engagement, acquisition, and efficiency to growth and revenue optimization, curated especially for Consumer Goods and Retail subscription businesses 

  • Key metric formulas with explanations and benchmarks for accurate tracking in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry

  • An expert breakdown of how to create a cohort analysis to identify high-value subscribers, acquisition channels, and more for deeper insights into how your subscription box business or the like is performing 

Customize your subscription metrics like your subscribers customize their boxes.

Businesses in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry follow a specialized set of metrics that sets them apart in digital subscriptions. From a fun monthly subscription box to a regular cadence of essential goods delivered to your door, the Consumer Goods and Retail industry requires data points that are just as unique as its shoppers. Following the same metrics as subscription businesses in other industries would only lead to vague data and generalized conclusions that set you back from hitting your business goals.

We’ve put together this subscription metrics cheat sheet to help merchants in the Consumer Goods and Retail space identify key metrics in order to acquire, retain, and grow their subscriber base and business. Take the time to look through this comprehensive cheat sheet to discover:

  • Acquisition metrics: What part of your acquisition efforts generates the most subscriber conversions? Where can you invest more dollars and where do your efforts need improvement? Understanding the impact of your acquisition efforts helps you identify what’s working and what’s not.

  • Growth: A growing subscriber base is a great indicator of a healthy business. With the right metrics, you’ll get a deeper look into your churn rate and patterns to see what’s preventing you from growing at the rate you want. In the Consumer Goods and Retail industry where churn is dependent on innumerable factors that are out of your control, having a firm grasp on key metrics is crucial.

  • Revenue: Revenue is a numbers game, and so are metrics. Subscription businesses in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry have an intense investment in revenue growth to maintain the livelihood of your business. Identify the best revenue metrics for your specific business goals so you can scale limitlessly.

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Metrics matter–a lot. Don’t get caught up in generic formulas and blanket metrics that hinder your business more than propel it forward. Get your subscription growth metrics cheat sheet designed exclusively for Consumer Goods and Retail subscription businesses and start calculating metrics that matter.

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