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State of Subscriptions: Media & Entertainment

How do you stack up against your competitors? In partnership with Atlas, Recurly shares industry data about:

  • Media & Entertainment benchmark & trends on acquisition, retention, churn & payments
  • Valuable insights into effective, proven growth drivers
  • Deep analysis by Atlas about where your business should invest this year

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Business metrics you need to thrive in Media & Entertainment

In partnership with Atlas, a leading strategic growth consultancy providing expertise, analysis, and guidance for customer-driven subscription businesses, Recurly is redefining the essence of success in Media & Entertainment. The constantly shifting landscape of Media and Entertainment demands a deep understanding of the metrics that drive subscription success. This report, bolstered by Atlas' expert insights, is specifically designed for businesses navigating this dynamic sector. 

Explore essential metrics including subscriber acquisition costs, churn rates, revenue growth trends, and proven retention strategies, enriched with Atlas' comprehensive analysis. This collaboration empowers you to refine your subscription model and drive your business to new heights. Overcome uncertainty and remain at the forefront of the Media and Entertainment industry with our collaborative report. Download now for a roadmap to sustainable success.


Atlas is a strategic growth consultancy founded by subscription industry leaders to provide market-leading strategies. We make the complex world of subscriptions simple by providing clarity; we help our clients focus on the right areas to unlock long-term success and grow their recurring revenue streams.