How the Subscription Economy Has Been Impacted by COVID-19

The data and story behind trials and new subscription growth during the global pandemic.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the global economy, consumer habits (and emotions), and our very way of life—from social-distancing to the tens of millions who’ve suddenly found themselves out of a job. How has this all translated to trends within the subscription economy?

Discover the impacts of COVID-19 to trials and growth rates across six industries: Business & Professional Services,  Digital Media & Entertainment, Consumer Goods & E-Commerce, Education, Software, Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment in the latest Recurly Research.

In this exclusive, free special report find out the benchmarks for subscription growth and:

  • The surprising impacts to free trials during COVID-19—and the industries most affected

  • Trends for new paid subscription growth and conversion rates, overall and in each specific industry

  • Insights and explanations for the economic impact each industry has seen

New trials see huge double-digit growth across industries

The last two weeks of March saw the largest increase in New Trials at 120% and 101%. In April there was healthy growth, with trials hovering between 20%-30%.

What were the trial growth rates in your industry and how were they impacted by the pandemic?

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Pandemic growth chart

Free trials convert to new subscriptions peaking in April

Growth in new subscriptions immediately increased during the first few weeks of COVID, ranging from 20%-40% higher than the pre-COVID timeframe. April saw the highest growth of any month with peak growth of 85% and the weekly data staying above 60% the entire month.

How did free trials convert to new, paid subscriptions by industry?

Discover the impact on trial conversions.

Peak trial conversion during pandemic chart

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