Using Pause Features to Curb Subscription Cancellation

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Times of uncertainty force consumers to shift priorities, which includes re-evaluating their subscriptions—cancelling subscriptions for products or services they otherwise received value from. However, research shows that 14.2 million consumers would choose to stay if they had another option. Give them an easy way to stay.

Instead of requiring subscribers to cancel allow alternative methods, like pause, that give them the flexibility they need to stay with you. 

Discover the simple strategies, and how you can use them to:

  • Retain your subscribers through times of uncertainty by easily adapting to consumer needs

  • Protect future recurring revenue by creating agile subscription strategies

  • Provide continued value to your subscriber base they will remember long after COVID-19 is over

Get the Using Pause Features To Curb Subscription Cancellation report, a collaboration from Recurly and and give your subscription staying power.