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Subscription Business? Here's Everything You Need to Go Global

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Expanding globally in your 2021 plans?

When it comes to global subscription consumers; 92% of online customers prefer paying in their local currency, 30% will abandon a purchase if the product is priced only in US dollars, and 1/3 of global consumers prefer to pay by direct debit instead of credit card. 

What does this mean to you? A lot. It means when expanding internationally you have a long list of considerations. Things like: 

  • What are local preferred payment options and can I support them?

  • What credit cards don’t even allow international recurring purchases?

  • What gateways do I need and in what regions? 

  • What do I need to comply with local tax regulations and safeguard against fraud? 

In this practical Field Guide to Global Expansion get the answers to these and other top-asked questions, as well as best practices for going global.